Own It.

February 10, 2020Elevate The Conversation

Pick any topic and engage 5 people about it. My hunch is you will have 5 entirely unique conversations about the same thought starter. Each of us is entirely unique and thus, our impact is entirely ours. The question is: Will We Own It?Owning it is bigger than a casual “of course.” It is an acknowledgement that we matter in the … Read More

To Give Joy

January 27, 2020Shift Your Paradigm

Disclaimer:  Huge fan of conscious joy. Question:  What in the world is that? Answer:  Conscious joy is joy by choice in all moments. Question:  How about authenticity?  How about allowing ourselves to feel deeply? to mourn and grieve?  To express our anger and sadness? The word joy roots from the word REJOICE.  Rejoice is defined as “To Give Joy.” When … Read More