Currencies Beyond The Almighty Dollar

May 25, 2020Embody Your Potential

This week’s VLOG is about discovering and claiming the metrics of success. We measure a lot of things, but the true north indicators and foresight tools are our work here. I refer to these highest order metrics as currencies. We tend to think of currency as money, and profit and cash matter. But they are not the holy grail, and … Read More

Mindfulness Beyond Meditation

May 18, 2020Embody Your Potential

In this week’s VLOG, we’re talking about the benefits of mindfulness at work, and how you can cultivate it without meditation. Meditation is one tool or technology of mindfulness, but there are others. And companies all over the globe, large and small, are not just recognizing the value creation potential of mindfulness, they’re capitalizing on it. The beautiful thing about … Read More