I just had the most interesting conversation about manifestation this week, and it is a deja vu chat as there’s a lot of quirky information floating on the law of attraction / manifestation. If you’ve read popular books on manifestation, you might be toying with the often repeated belief that “if i just visualize it enough – give it energy, form, recurrent attention – it will miraculously show up at my door.”

And can it be true that if you live your life as if something has already appeared, speaking the desired as present tense reality – as if it has already happened, that the $100,000 check might show up in the mailbox? 

There are certainly are enough frequently told legends about these types of manifestations, and many a storyteller has made a mint off their personal experience of visualizing abundance into form. 

And thus, I suspend disbelief; holding space for the possibility. And yet…

What is the dance of dependency between giving energy to what you most want and giving effort to creating that? Finding the sweet spot of belief – YES IT IS POSSIBLE AND IT IS COMING TO ME – with the tenacity, effort, risk-taking, time, task, and investment needed to move from vision to reality?

If you follow my work, you have likely heard me say the first answer to HOW is YES! I don’t say; the singular answer to HOW is YES. Being a YES, believing in the potential and even the eventuality is the FIRST STEP. We then infuse that deep belief with action. 

To quote Napoleon Hill, we find our BURNING DESIRE, and we infuse it with deep seeded belief. 

Then what? Wait? Make another vision board? Shout it from the rooftop? 

Maybe because all the effort in the world will struggle against the worthy foe of self-doubt. 

Building unwavering belief is a process. While often treated as a one and done, it actually requires that we visualize ourselves living the future reality, read our vision, feel what that desired state feels like day over day. To see it, feel it, own it until it feels like a natural part of us. 

There is no doubt about whether you possess a toothbrush because you SEE IT, USE IT, and EXPERIENCE it multiple times a day. A purpose driven career that requires a pivot? Doubt. 

The process of dispelling doubt is to SEE IT, USE IT, and EXPERIENCE IT multiple times a day. 

But then you have to take massive action. Action that aligns your resources, time, talents, and money with what you want. You have to say NO to what has been or what is misaligned. You must create traction towards. Every.Damn.Day. 

If you want more perspective on manifestation, I encourage you to listen to this short podcast episode from my CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP podcast, Manifestation Takes Something. It’s a quick 13 minute listen.


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