It took me the better part of 40 years to learn that no one was going to suggest, impose, guide, or offer me opportunities aligned with what only I know: My Highest Good. That’s my job. At that moment, I began a fairly crooked path of embracing something I said last week that has been a powerful mobilizer in my life:
“The answer to HOW is YES.”

answer_to_howSo easy to breeze over nuggets in the flurry of our day, but I invite you to pause with me on this one. When you deeply desire something that is not yet in fruition or flow in your life, stop trying to figure it out for a moment. Just fuel it. With heart, belief, self-commitment. See, smell, hear, and touch it. Say your WHY outloud. OFTEN and to ANYONE in earshot (Skip the change averse and limited thinkers in your life).

At some point, you will figure out all of the angles and turns, find paths over or through the obstacles, and dissolve the distractions between you & your vision, but for now, just focus on making it BIG. Give it LIFE.
Embodying your vision is the first step of traction. The “doing” comes after this step. Trust for now that everything can be figured out, and all you need to do is step into OWNING your life.

This precious, gorgeous, messy, fabulous, possibility brimming life? It’s uniquely yours to steer.

​​​​​Big Love,