In order to be all thing for all people, I’ve developed sophisticated time and outcome systems that help me squeeze all the juice from every moment. These systems are brilliant really; keeping me hyper organized, uber aligned, and acceptably capable of collaborating with my teams so that everyone knows their role and responsibility. (More on acceptably capable in another post where I share my struggle of asking for help).

So what’s the dirty secret? The greatest system applied to someone else’ vision of your life simply creates fabulous results for everyone else. It is the subliminal message we send to ourselves: “Your dream is secondary.”

The system is not to blame; it is merely a container. Our true “work” is to get clear on our highest vision of our life; dreams, possibilities, passions, and to align our actions with that vision. Living our dream is not a luxury; it is a non-negotiable for those of us who wake up excited to have a meaningful impact and live well throughout the journey.

And, as a wise friend once reminded me: “You are always holding your car keys. You can always leave, turn LEFT, stop, and swerve.” In other words, it is never too late to stop a thing in order to begin anew. Stage a Swerve.

What line can you draw in the sand to demarcate a clear break so you can curiously look back to see the path you are on with fresh eyes? Is it your vision or something you’ve hobbled together trying to please everyone? Once we know better, we do better. With eyes wide open, what direction will you head when you step over that line?

Here’s my guidance from lots of time wrestling with this gremlin: start each day feeling into your own inner wisdom. And don’t make another TODO list until you have committed to at least one meaningful action towards your vision.

At some point, grab your journal (maybe now?) and write the answers to these questions:

What do I really want to do / experience / contribute to this world in this lifetime?What are the milestones of that journey that would LIGHT ME UP?What could I do differently throughout the next 90 days?

The conversation with yourself may prove challenging at first, but stay with it. Just like we don’t abandon effort when our intimate relationship hits a rocky patch, your relationship with you deserves your effort. Trust that it is possible to arrive in a moment when you realize that your vision for your life is what you do every day; it is your natural state of being versus something you need permission to embody.