The long view is our vision for our life. It answers the questions:

– What do I most want to experience and do while on this journey?
– What impact do I feel most inspired and called to make?
– If I could look back on my life in my final breaths, what do I want to be able to say about how who I was for myself and others?

I would encourage each of us to take 30 minutes to write our answers. Spend 15 minutes in stillness and then write for 15 minutes. When you reread, gauge your body’s feedback. You might feel a visceral lifting of your heart, lengthening of your spine, and fullness to your breath. That’s how integrity feels in your body.

When we connect with our truth trusting it fully, we step into integrity with ourselves.

Here’s the rub. Most of us spend the majority of our precious time on the short view. The short view is what is being asked of you today, your task list, your running around, hustle and bustle, your “job,” …. You get the picture.

If you find that your short view aligns with your long view, pause and celebrate! I suspect; however, most of us will discover a great chasm. That chasm is not failure, it is the path to your potential.

Our culture rewards the short view. It revels in task lists, today’s achievements, maximizing our hours for output. You can be rewarded quite well by doing the short view brilliantly. But are you in integrity?

What would a day in the life look like if your short view was aligned with your long view? What is one shift you can make to shift from short to long view in your moment to moment actions and investment of time? What can you stop doing that supports short view to the detriment of long view? And from the short view “I gotta do it or my kids will starve,” how can you create space for long view? What does long view look like in your commute? your yoga practice? your self care?

What will you choose?