We hear all the time to “live your purpose” or “follow your heart.” But what if we are struggling to know what that actually is? I truly believe we possess these answers internally; however, there are times when asking for help can help us shortcut, reinforce, or illuminate the path to clarity. 

Here’s a fun and revealing exercise you can do when your “Clarity” looks like a muddy puddle. 

Pick 5 people who have a unique lens into your skills, passions, dreams, and unique characteristics. It’s great if they represent different perspectives or have experienced you in varying circumstances.  Ask if you can interview them; taking no more than 10 minutes. (I promise, they will say yes). 

After you thank them for their willingness and perhaps offer them their fave treat (mine is chocolate), ask them these questions: 

  • What do you think that I am uniquely gifted at? 
  • Would you be willing to give me three things, qualities, or gifts that you just feel like, Gosh, if I needed to tap an expert on, I would go and talk to this person?
  • Tell me what you see me doing when I seem the most excited and engaged.
  • What would you suggest I find a way to create more of in my work?

Your role? Listen. Affirm, but do not speak. Express gratitude, but do not discuss. If you’re confused by an answer, ask for clarification or mirror it back and then simply receive. Write down their answers, but refrain from verbally analyzing.

Now I want to say a little something about purpose and if you’ve read my ebook, The Pursuit Of True North, you know that I have an interesting relationship with this word purpose. (If you don’t have my ebook, it’s free and you can get it here.)

Our purpose is not what it is we do in the world, our purpose shifts as we evolve but is always a trustworthy reflection of our Truth. You can bring your purpose to many endeavors, projects, and jobs. Does the job matter? Absolutely. And it is the vehicle through which we express our purpose – not the destination itself. 

Now for the most important interview: with yourself. Schedule time, bring yourself a gratitude treat, and answer the following questions in writing:

  • What are the times / circumstances in my life that I felt the most inspired?
  • The most aligned with who I am? 
  • What am I doing when I feel the strongest and most impactful? 

This alone is amazing data. When you overlay it with your 5 interviews, you’ll likely have an AHA. If you want to take this process a little deeper, you can get the entire exercise in my Conscious Leadership podcast episode, The Pulse Of Momentum (listen here.)

You’ll know you’ve accessed a clarity nugget to hold onto when you FEEL  a resounding YES at your core. 


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