How do you feel when your life is running you versus you running your life?

Personally, I feel glassy eyed, irritated, without choice, overwhelmed, and hungry. Yep… stand in the pantry stress eating hungry. And I know I’m not actually HUNGRY but Spirit and Joy Starved, but I’m still eating nachos with the irrational hope that “salty/crunchy” will nourish my soul, because God Forbid, I pause and actually take care of myself.

And then the GUILT! Because always in this moment someone I deeply love wants / needs me to be present with them, and I can barely slow down long enough to look them in the eye. And the cherry on top? My mind starts sending me terrible messages like: Suck it up, Push Through It, Don’t Be A Wimp, and I can almost HEAR my inner gremlin laughing hysterically at my insanity.

Thank you, Beautiful Brain. You once again win the “pain in my a** award.

That’s the wheel that’s wearing us out.

So Jump On What Wheel? I want us all to claim our Wheel of Life. A wheel just keeps spinning… it doesn’t need someone to push it; it just does what it does as long as its circumference isn’t imbalanced. A wheel, segmented, becomes 8 equal slices.

Each slice is a priority. Not a responsibility or commitment but a priority for wholehearted living. We each have our own “slice categories,” but examples include family, play, spirituality, connection, work, finance, growth, etc. You pick your 8.

Instead of simply naming them, I find it helpful to clarify my vision for each. How do I want to feel? What is my dream state for each? And while one might be more important than the others (like family), all must be infused with our love, energy, and attention to keep the wheel rolling.

So draw a wheel and divide it into 8 slices. Choose your Priorities, and write your vision for each, Carry this with you like it’s your phone. Look at it. Consider what you can do more of / less of to expand your JOY and FULFILLMENT; even if it is at the cost of what you perceive are your obligations.

I’m pretty sure the world won’t end. Let’s all test it together.