So much of what we give our attention to is what we DO. That funny expression, Human DOINGs is not far from truth. And yet, do you feel the calling to something deeper, purer, and more authentic?

Is there a soft voice whispering, “Be Here Now…. Fully, Honestly, Peacefully, Freely”

You have everything you need within you to amplify that whispering; transforming its message from whisper to clear intention. All you have to do is pause and breathe.

Not breath to survive, but breath to arrive.

Our breath invites us to slow down enough to witness ourselves from a place above the fray. To BE authentic; trusting we are enough without effort. To embody our full range of feeling. To embrace this body; grateful. To rest easy. To settle & surrender.

The DOING of who we are is woven tightly with the roles we play in our life, and the need we have to present as capable and likeable. When we drop that, even if just for 10 breaths, we rest into the being of who we are with nothing to prove, hide, or achieve.

Today, will you intentionally pause and settled into a breath that is an invitation to ARRIVE? Can we practice a moment of gratitude for the Being of who we are in absence of the doing and the roles we play?

Here’s beautiful wisdom for inquiry: Our aligned, authentic lives come from first connecting deeply to the Being of who we are, and allowing that to give birth to our DOING.

What does that wisdom bubble up as possible for you?

With love,