This week, we’re talking about Life Work Balance. I videotaped my thoughts on this ridiculous concept and suggested a better goal – flow- along with oodles of hacks to help you manifest flow in your life. (Video Lives Here:

But there’s one showstopper that you must unapologetically FLUSH: Being the easy button.

easy_buttonYou’ve seen these gadgets, yes? The red easy button that lights up when you press down on it? I have a fabulous friend who carries one with her, and when ANYONE attempts to baton pass a task to her that clearly isn’t hers to own, she whips that thing out, places it on the table while straightening her spine, and deadpans them right in the eye.

No Words… Just a Clear NO.

I salivate over this courage.

Weekly, I look at my task list and can find at least 5 tasks where I failed to use the easy button strategy.


  • Because I want to be helpful
  • I know I can do it faster / better than someone else
  • I’m people pleasing
  • I’m being the savior (yep… hard to admit but sometimes we do this simply to impress)
  • I feel responsible
  • NO is hard.

You might choose to buy yourself an easy button on, but if not, here are 5 things you can say when someone is trying to toss you the hot potato:

  1. No. (That’s it… no follow-up)
  2. I see you’re in a pickle. I encourage you to believe in yourself and your capability. I believe in you. (Fabulous for kids)
  3. Huh…. that’s interesting. I can’t wait to see how you’re going to solve it.
  4. While I would LOVE to help you, I am neck deep in a project that is close to my heart and can’t create the time.
  5. Fascinating… I understand your quandary and why you’re asking for help. However, this is clearly not in my genius zone so, while I could give you mediocre guidance and/or result, I would suggest you find someone who is a wizard.

#1 is my favorite.

Like anything, comfort and confidence comes with practice. Look over your to-do list, and find the EASY BUTTON tasks. They came to you through a punt so punt them back. For new requests, break out your verbal easy buttons and practice the 5 responses. Or buy an easy button and mimic my friend.

You cannot be AMAZING at your work if you’re shouldering everyone else’.

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