Your Vision not just for your work but for your life

Most time management systems and journals start with projects and tasks; which is akin to focusing on the flour when designing a 7 tier wedding cake.

This Vision & Results Map starts with what’s most important to you: Your Vision not just for your work but for your life. Because fulfillment is a whole life endeavor – not a 9-5 outcome.

This system guides you in crystallizing what success looks and feels like in all areas of your life and prohibits you from sacrificing your own well-being and health in the pursuit of progress.

It is based on a simple belief: that you have a unique impact to make, and that impact is your most important endeavor. Projects, goals, and tasks are the vehicle through which you manifest your vision, and thus, we begin always with the big picture:

  • Who are you in the world and what do you feel most called to do, be, experience, and achieve?

We revisit that on a regular rhythm, and build a map to achieve that guides us monthly, weekly, and daily. So that we never wake up one day and wonder where our dreams went.

So we stop giving away our time to low priority or urgent / not important.

So we are the conductor of our own life. Every day.

With this planner, you will create a rhythm of success on your own terms; clarifying what you most want to do and achieve every day to live in alignment with your vision.

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