When we think about our life’s purpose, it can feel overwhelming and nebulous. But really, our life path is a compilation of finite moments. To create an impact, we must bring choice to the moment. In choice, we are awake to our impact, the request of the moment, the opportunity of this situation. Who are we right now? What are we choosing?

I think of choice not just of an outcome; yes… I’ll have the chicken noodle soup please, but as a choice of what I want to groove into habit in my life understanding my habits become my impact. In every action, we are grooving some impact on our world.

So we ask ourselves, what are we creating, curating, cultivating? Consider that your mat practice is an opportunity to practice this.

Can we, in our mat practice, practice creating what it is we most want to groove? Can we build that habit on our mats so that it becomes our way of being off of our mat?

Each of us has an impact to make.

Sometimes that impact is wide in circumference, and sometimes it is grander in depth but with a smaller reach. Either way, we are needed, and the opportunity lies in front of us with each breath and day. As a community, we are collectively powerful when we individually own our creativity, our power for expression in the world.

How does your vision for your impact look? What is it you most desire to groove? Let me know in the comments below.

Love & Peace,