I got sick last week… not sick enough to be bed ridden but sick enough to be wiped out by every day exertions like work, parenting, and grooming. (The latter taking the biggest hit).

And here’s what I learned. You cannot do it all. (Sigh).

Maybe this isn’t new information to you, but it is a slooowwwwww learn for me. On a “normal” day when I’m not sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, I have a lot of energy. If you know me well, you might even add the word “freakish” to that sentence as in “I have a freakish amount of energy.”

I have a high threshold for action, to-dos, and rigor. Fabulous, right? Sometimes. But that quality also means that I can always see a way to get more done, always have another calendar cranny I can tap, and always have another few hours to dig into a new project.

In other words, instead of having the most important projects to me ignited with fuel, I have EVERY project ignited with fuel. This includes those projects that don’t align with my passion but are:

  • lingering too long from my past. (Failure to exit)
  • perceived (usually just by me) as my responsibility (failure to ask for help)
  • someone else’s passion (failure to say NO)

work someone else could be doing to keep me in my genius zone (failure to delegate).

So what’s the sickness link? This week, I was sick enough to feel run down but not sick enough to stop working (probably a great entry to another blog post). I simply could not do it all. My energy straight up prohibited it. With the constraint of sickness, I had to choose. Where did I feel most called to be? What work could I do in the window of productivity I had?

Imagine if we were all ONLY a YES for what excited us and aligned with our purpose and values? Oh the traction! The fulfillment! We might even find we had MORE SLACK time in our life to skip, dance, or simply be.

Our world celebrates the overachiever – loves to praise the person who is a master at output. Here’s the truth: “Getting it all done” when you’ve cast a very wide net is suboptimal. What is our fear of saying to the world “I would love to help, but I am SO committed to my purpose that I simply don’t have the bandwidth?” Let’s all just say it. Pick one thing this week, and take it off your radar. For Good. And share what it is with us!

Love & Peace,