There is nothing magical that happens as the NY Times Square ball drops; dividing one year from the next. It is merely a passage of a moment, and yet, it feels symbolic of possibility & fresh starts. Thus, our tradition of taking stock, setting goals, clarifying intention, and committing to resolutions.

I traveled over the holiday, and as I always find when I travel the insidious truth in the axiom: Wherever you go, there you are. Even in the midst of an entirely different landscape, timezone, and schedule, I embody my habits and follow familiar patterns.

The same thing happens after the honeymoon period of staking claim on our resolutions; the enthusiasm ebbs and we revert (even dare I say regress) to our practiced familiarity.

And yet, change is possible. In fact, it is essential. We are changing in big and small ways all the time. And so why is it so difficult to create lasting shifts around our resolutions?

More importantly; how do we create lasting shift?

My humble opinion on why we stay “stuck” is that we choose resolutions that are difficult. There is a reason we aren’t already doing what we resolve, and whatever that reason is acts like a sort of molasses to the change process. I also believe we choose the WHAT & HOW without connecting deeply with the WHY but that’s a different blog post.

Here’s what I want you to consider: New Habits require enthusiasm around the potential outcome, connection to why it matters to us (the REAL reason we get to when we ask WHY to our WHY), and disciplined grooving of the new pathway. Over and over and over until it’s treadeasy, familiar, neurologically blazed.

And so we begin. Today. Now. And we keep doing the “thing” until it becomes part of us (think brushing your teeth). It is better to do it often in small doses than less frequently in bulk. This takes us from being a person doing a “thing” to which we are resolute to “the thing” being part of who we are.

Of course I rolled out my mat. Yoga is a part of my fabric. It is calcified in my bones & webbed through my DNA. But it wasn’t always. It became as such not because I committed to practicing yoga but because I became a yogi in my heart, mind, and body.

Become what you want to live. See it in yourself. Use the momentum of early January’s enthusiasm but commit to the gritty discipline of STAYING ALIGNED when the dog days of winter make you want to give in. Keep going until you have that moment you realize your resolution is an essential part of who you are for you. Well, Vibrant, Courageous, Strong, Joy-filled.

What will it take to get to a place where you aren’t doing something but instead are being your best self?