In the complexity of our life, we play so many roles. We are parent, spouse, sibling, child, friend, professional, donator, leader, neighbor, caretaker, peacemaker, change agent, environment stewart, lover. We identify with our physicality; gender, race, age, weight. We are conditioned by our upbringing; nationality, religion, beliefs, socio-economic status.

These labels are endless, and we create attachments to those that resonate with us. With those attachments come expectations, judgements, and responsibilities.

Some of this is beautiful, yes? This ability to be up to so many things in the world, to feel part of something we believe deeply in, and to lean into relationships with people who share our paradigm.

And, it gets noisy. For many of us, the expectations we feel then color our emotional state and define how we see our success, failure, adequacy, and worth. And we begin to develop very strong opinions of what we are not (worthy, lovable, intelligent, organized, disciplined) and very strong attachments to our stories of what we are.

Recently, I had an aha as I witnessed the fluctuations of my own mind. In one moment, I heard the inner dialog of “I am frustrated,” and within the hour, I heard my inner dialog of “I am nervous.” I can move from “I am not good enough” to “I am fabulous at….” in a matter of moments based on the lense I’ve created about me.

And here’s my aha…. All of our stories, our labels, our expectations, our limiting beliefs, our emotions, and our fears start with “I AM.”

In the wildly sifting experience we have as humans in the world, the I AM is ever constant. From the day we are born to the day we die, I AM stands clearly and calmly as our truth. I AM is our BEING; wholly complete without additional words tacked on.

Most spiritual texts reference the I AM consciousness in reference to the union of all parts into one collective, universal divine wholeness. We are not separate from; we are all I AM.

I AM is a powerful and worthy meditation.

Breathe In: I AM. Open Your Mouth. Sigh Out the story you attach after the permanent I AM.