What can we learn by asking this question about each of our career milestones and choices:   Why did we say YES to this opportunity? 

Sound the trumpets if the answer is a deep stirring, a passionate inner voice crying out, a clear alignment with our passion, values, and skill, or a desire to serve with our gifts.

And if you’re like me, you’ll find other answers creeping in: 

  • I thought it was expected
  • It looks great on my resume
  • It is the “right next step” on the “should” path
  • It’s lucrative. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those reasons; unless it takes you out of alignment with your Truth. This is the Conscious Leadership of Self.  

And while we can’t change what was, we can take inventory to discover our trends and habits because once we know better, we have the opportunity to do better. We must actually be awake to drive our vehicle.

So how do we get clarity around this? I have a process I guide people through that marries soul charting and skill mapping. If you want to learn more about it, you can listen here. It’s a fabulous podcast episode from the Conscious Leadership podcast that walks you through the mapping.

 But here’s what I would fundamentally assert: It is not the “job” that matters. We can apply our genius to a multitude of vocations, and who we are at our core is the most compelling source of wisdom we have in cultivating a career ignite, inspire and delight us.

YES is funny. We LOVE to say it so much we don’t often confirm that we actually mean it.  And we don’t just say YES at the beginning of a project or job.  We say YES everyday when we continue doing it.  Thus, revisiting the soul and skill charting as a mindfulness practice is a commitment to personal excellence and integrity. YES is not a one and done; it is an evergreen rhythm of optimization. 

Have you ever stayed too long? You are in exceptionally good and well intentioned company. We love to linger past the natural life cycle of our participation. Why do we do this? Listen to the podcast to find out. 🙂

This is not just a disservice to you, it’s a disservice to everyone involved. We occupy a role someone else is READY for, we bring fledgling energy and heart, and we lose our desire to dream big and contribute creatively. 

Conscious leadership radiates from the inside out. Can we refine our leadership of people and process? Absolutely. But unless we are refining our self leadership, shaping our commitments towards purpose, and learning to say YES with clear intentionality, we’re missing our biggest opportunity.


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