I get it…. I SOOO want to skip ahead to the DOING versus slogging through the visioning. I often find that I have this crystal clear 10,000 foot view of what I most want to do, be, contribute, but the 1,000 foot view looks like a maze of options.

Example: Nothing lights me up like helping leaders with big goals break through their perceived limitations. I love illuminating the WHAT through an investigation of WHO and WHY. (I’m fabulous at this with everyone except myself. :))

10,000 foot view? Got it. I can see for miles.

1,000 foot view? Hmmmm. There are at least 100 ways to manifest this vision; each nuanced with its own audience, demands of my resources, and potential / pitfall shortlists. So, what do most of us do?

  • List out the 100, commit to them ALL, and then build an irritatingly impossible timeline. (Do you do this? Welcome to my life. :))
  • Abstractly swim in the 100 forever, periodically frolicking with them mentally but creating no momentum.
  • Paralysis Analysis followed by total overwhelm just looking at the massive matrix you’ve built
  • Stutter Step: Working on one for awhile, getting bored or burned out, and then switching to the next.
  • Freeze in confusion; rationalizing that it’s too nebulous, too big, too other worldly, and just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

What might we consider doing that would reign far superior over all of the above dead ends? Build intimacy with our vision. Think about birth. We don’t conceive a child and then step immediately into the “doing” of adolescence.

Why do we expect this from an unformed idea? Why does it feel like a failure if we don’t have the perfect architectural sketch and workplan for our Big Vision from the moment we conceived it?

Ideas are like air. They need love, focus, molding, ariel viewing, possibility modeling, advocating, meditating, journaling, editing… (What they don’t need YET is devil’s advocating – more on this another time).

If you really want to bring something to life and have it survive the birthing process, you must be with it through gestation & infancy.