Your interactive field guide

This workbook is your interactive field guide to crystallize your purpose path and oxygenate your life’s vision. Your life is about more than the work you do, it is about the WHOLE of your impact in this world.

This field guide teaches you how to create a life where the BEING of who you are informs the DOING of what you choose.

It will guide you through a process to depower your stories of lack and dissolve the habits and hooks that hold you back. You'll master conscious decision making, learn to connect with your inner wisdom and tap your full intelligence which extends far beyond your thinking mind. You'll also explore different rituals to bring meaning to the present moment, befriend time as an ally, and groove self-care practices that will revolutionize your wellness.

This guide will help you stop people pleasing, giving away your time, perfecting perfection, and staying stuck in confusion and fear.

You are born to make a unique impact, and your work in the world matters. You and your health matter. You'll learn how to bridge from where you are now to the impact you most want to have; igniting your courage and getting to a YES! for your vision of a life well lived.

As you follow a path towards that outcome, you'll step into a life, and work, that is aligned with your gifts, your highest good, and your joy.

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