Crystallize Your Vision & Map Your Path

We begin with a 2-hour discovery to clarify your vision and priorities holistically; business, self, and greater impact. This is an uncovering of what is most essential to you, and it serves as a portal to reclaim what lights you up. It is a mobilizer to shift your trajectory to begin tracking with the results you most want to have.

This map becomes illuminates our work moving forward to create a path that ignites your impact and results. I guide you and your team to create a vision arc that elevates the whole, aligns your action with your higher purpose, monetizes your contribution, and optimizes your leadership potential. This is an A to Z path to having a business creates financial return and cultivates conscious leadership.

You will receive a full audio recording our Discovery Session. After our session, I’ll share ideas or downloads I received following our time together as well as a customized proposal to bring your vision to life.

2 Hour Discovery Session: $400.00