Impact Vision Mapping

A holistic approach to clarifying and activating your vision, amplifying financial results, and honoring work as a vehicle through which you and your team evolve as humans. We begin with a 2-hour discovery session.

Cost: Customized


Ignite Your Impact: Digital Course

Get ready to master most desired results in life! In this 44-day step-by-step online course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of clarify and align with your vision, drop limiting beliefs and stories, and create a purpose roadmap to walk the path you most desire in life with confidence and joy.


Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Spring 2020

The Journey Inward is the most important journey we take in our lifetime. It is this the quality & intentionality of this journey that determines how we show up in the world, the way we digest what happens in our life, and the adventures to which we say YES. This journey is an invitation to step out of fear and into love, out of stress and into enthusiasm, out of "should's" and into our own divinely infused truth.

Cost: $850.00 | February 6 - 9th


22 Day Meditation Challenge

22 Days of Guided Meditation to help you build the meditation muscle and presence yourself to what's important in your life as we begin a brand new decade. Begins January 1, 2020.  This is a gift you are giving yourself! Take full advantage & enjoy.

Cost: $40.00


Get Laura's Book: Ignite Your Impact

This workbook is your interactive field guide to crystallize your purpose path and oxygenate your life’s vision. Your life is about more than the work you do, it is about the WHOLE of your impact in this world. Learn how to create a life where the BEING of who you are informs the DOING of what you choose.

Cost: $18.50

Coming Soon!


Time Management Planner

Vision Map | A Planner: Most time management systems and journals start with projects and tasks; which is akin to focusing on the flour when designing a 7-tier wedding cake. This system guides you in crystallizing what success looks and feels like in all areas of your life and prohibits you from sacrificing your own well-being and health in the pursuit of progress.


Leadership Lab

Leadership Lab is designed to harness your whole system intelligence to create breakthrough that is laser focused on your highest vision. We will work with a Triad Success Model; balancing business result, impact in the world, and optimization of you and your team.