Business Strategy

Strategy is the nervous system of a company. Pure Potential uses a method focused on higher purpose, holistic stakeholder orientation, and worksprints to amplify your impact & financial results. This process is customized for your business based on your vision and Laura's mastery of best practice.

Conscious Leadership Training

Conscious leadership is a gateway to sustainable profit, fulfillment, team engagement, and positive impact in the world. We believe it is the key differentiator of measurable success that is lasting and inspiring. You'll learn conscious leadership principles and skillfully master them through practice and implementation.

Executive Coaching

The best leaders are always growing, are aware they have blind spots, and are hungry for candid, supportive next level coaching. Working with an executive coach will hone your focus & empower you to transcend to the next level. This is Laura's passion, and if you're committed to the process, you will get extraordinary results.

Human Resource Strategy

People are the activators of our vision, and at its best, traditional HR  fails to actualize their potential and at worst treats people transactionally. Strategic HR has nothing to do with payroll and benefits. It has everything to do with creating systems around meaningful work, engagement, and seeding your initiatives with high performers who are tapping into their genius and passion.

Family Business Consulting

Family businesses are entirely unique, and their success is dependent on understanding how to create synergy between the family and business. Without clear agreement, procedure, and practice, performance and relationships suffer. Together, we'll walk through a clear process to ensure your family business is positioned for continuity and cohesiveness.

Diversity & Inclusivity

There is a significant business case for diversity and inclusivity, but more importantly, it is our moral imperative to be part of the solution; rooting out unconscious bias, creating equity based policies, and educating stakeholders with humility, courage, and compassion. Together, we'll create the right action plan and education to foster, embolden, and respect differences.

Self Guided Trainings & Resources

10% of all product & course sales are donated to Global Giving's Pandemic Response Fund


Ignite Your Impact (Digital Course)

In this self-guided, step-by-step online course, you’ll  clarify and align with your vision, drop limiting beliefs and stories, and create a purpose map to walk the path you most desire in life with confidence and joy. It includes 30+ educational videos, a copy of Laura's book, and a one-on-one coaching session with Laura.

Cost: $129.00


Ignite Your Impact Field Guide (Book)

This book is your interactive field guide to crystallize your purpose path and oxygenate your life’s vision.  Learn how to clear your blocks and create life where the BEING of who you are informs the DOING of what you choose. Ignite Your Impact is is part journal, part training, and part field guide. 5 Stars On

Cost: $18.50

22  Guided Meditations & 3 Yoga Classes (Digital)

This digital program includes 22  unique guided meditations, 3 home yoga practices, and training on how to groove meditation as a habit in your life.  Your wellness; body, mind, and spirit, is core to your performance and fulfillment, and mindfulness unlocks your whole system intelligence. This work matters.

Cost: $40.00