It’s time to pull the blanket back a bit.

I know, I know…. that blanket covers your flaws. I have one too. Our blanket of security hide the wholeness of us from others. It makes us appear more put together & more in control.

It makes the messy inside appear polished on the outside.

It layers careful filters to enhance our natural beauty (as if our undoctored self is not enough)

It tucks our fear of being discovered as a fraud into dark recesses; so that what others see is only a confident smile and carefully architected conversation.

Here’s the truth: No one wants to see the flat-ironed version of you. We want to see the raw, authentic, bed-head beauty. We want to witness your exquisitely pure heart passionately loving, your nervous twitch when you step onto a bigger stage in life, the range of your emotions through unpainted eyes. We want to hear what scares you, makes you weep, what brings you to your knees in awe.

We want to BE WITH YOU as you. Present, Open, Real. We want to love your mess, embrace your joy, and support your evolution. That picture perfect version? It makes us miss you. Wildly.

Would you be willing to accept this as an invitation to pull the blanket back for yourself?

With love,