After cursing the overused word “journey” w/ a friend, I discovered the Swahili word for Journey is SAFARI.

This provokes thought, yes? Safari is a powerful descriptor for life. Our experience is an adventurous, OUT LOUD wild ride. It allows no dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the world happened.

It suggests an uncharted path; a once in a lifetime opportunity… to accept the invitation to follow our inner compass through a series of switchbacks (choices), our own personal range mountains (transformation), and yes, hopefully more than occasionally, enjoying a float down a riotous river that exhilarates us in its adventure but also allows us to FEEL THE FLOW in our own bodies and life path.

Your safari is yours alone. Others will walk parallel with you from time to time, some will cross your path more often, and those you share your life with will be on their unique safari close enough to hold hands. But it is your safari – not theirs.

Just as their safari is not yours. Even your children.

It is from a place of ACCEPTANCE and CURIOSITY that we create the most powerful shifts in our life; external and internal. When we fail to accept what is as it is (which is also as it is not), we change with angst and resistance. We change from a place of fear.

When we look at our lives with curiosity and honesty, see all of it as it is – relationships, habits, commitments, time investments, self-care, career, financial state, our emotional wellbeing – and we choose first to ACCEPT it with FIERCE gentleness, we become possibility hunters; purpose markswoman; and wholehearted living trackers.

How do you know? You dial down the noise and listen to your inner wisdom.

Joy and Peace are your barometers.
Love and Breath are your guides.

Live & Love Big,



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